Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsey

He was named Robert after his two Godfathers and Queen Elizabeth 1st was his Godmother. This man had a a very active life. He started in the military at a young, which was not uncommon for men of his rank. The battles of that time were used as almost a finishing school for high ranking men. It was a chance to earn their spurs, to earn notoriety and to also gain money via their winnings.

His father died in 1601, which meant that Robert inherited his fathers titles and lands. When King James 1st came to the throne in 1603, Robert should of been at the coronation but sent a letter to the new monarch saying that he will not be there as he has to earn money in Europe to pay of his fathers debts. I have come to the conclusion Robert possibly bought the velvet for his suit around this time for his suit. He was in Italy around this time and the areas he was in were the centres for the best velvet production.

One snippet of information that i found out via contact with the House of Parliament, was that Robert Bertie was at Parliament the day that it should of been blown up by Guy Fawkes. This i found amazing.

As he was part of the aristocracy, it was his duty to get married and create heirs. And he definitely did that. He married Elizabeth Montagu and they had 13 children.

He died at the English civil war Battle of Edgehill, shot through the thigh and died in the arms of his son.

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