Covid strikes

Well it looks like I have a little bit of extra time off due to having to isolate. The wonderful app let me know this morning that I have to isolate until 26th Dec 11:59pm. Sooooo to fill my time I have locked myself in my bedroom and I am working on some projects. As well as doing the wrapping for Christmas.

First thing is to work on my family tree. A few years back I did the Ancestry DNA test. Since then i have been working on building my biological tree. You see, I am adopted and only knew my mothers side. Through the DNA results I have been able to build my fathers side. Since July I have undertaken a task in which to write down each person on my tree. I had too many hints on the tree and I figured out this would be a way to build the tree, get rid of the hints and to delve a bit deeper into certain areas. Well what a tree it is so far. I have 8,440 on my tree and only 760 odd written up. The theory to lower the hints has majorly backfired as as soon as i add a new person they bring their hints. Since the starting of writing each person the tree has grown by at least 15,00 people.

I can go back on my tree to way before the Norman invasion. As a history buff, the research into the lives of my ancestors has dug up some interesting things, and some right characters. I have kings, queens, nobles, farmers, business owners, puritans, French Huguenots, silk weavers, dress makers, shoe makers, and even William Shakespeare.

The second thing is to get back into embroidering the decoration on my reproduction of a shirt from Baths Fashion Museum. The pattern of the shirt is also in Janet Arnolds Patterns of Fashion ( I know, glutton for punishment).

The third is to knit scarves for a homeless charity in Cardiff. I have a slight yarn problem. By knitting up scarves I can help those that need it and get rid of my stash.

I will try and not leave such a gap between blog posts but i know have a job as a picker in Tesco. Its not what i am trained for but currently its a job and will keep me going until the theatre opens back up again.

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